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The Sausage Fatty!!

See where Smokin' Fatties gets its name!

This is where Smokin' Fatties BBQ got its name.

The BBQ Sausage Fatty had it's humble beginnings as a simple tube of Jimmy Dean's or other breakfast sausage that was unwrapped and tossed on the cooker as is and smoked until done.

Today, fatties have taken on a life of their own. They are stuffed with every imagineable ingredient. My favorite is the simple Breakfast Fatty. Get ready to ride the awesome train to Awesometown!


These are the ingredients I used in this fatty. First I smooshed out a 2lb package of Jimmy Dean Maple Sausage into a 1 Gallon Ziploc plastic bag.In the blue bowl is a 50/50 mixture of cream cheese and mozarella cheese. Also shown are scrambled eggs (already cooked), Sauteed onions and bell peppers, chives and Salsa Verde.

Sausage Fatty Ingredients


Once the sausage is all smooshed out nice and even in the bag, cut THREE sides of the bag. Leave the bottom fold of the bag in place. It helps to put the bag of sausage in the freezer for a few minutes to get it cold. This will make it easier to roll up. Pile all the ingredients into the middle of the fatty. Then using the bag to lift the sausage over, bring the two ends of the bag together to roll it up. This takes a little practice. But you want to make certain you have the creases and the ends sealed up well and pressed pretty tight. You don't want a blowout on your first fatty!

Peppers onions cheese on bbq sausage fatty


My very first fatty, so I decided to add a bacon weave. Bacon weaves are not hard, and I'll post a tutorial at some point :-).

Bacon Weave wrapped around BBQ Sausge Breakfast Fatty


Here is the bacon-wrapped fatty resting on the pre-heated smoker. In the back is a small log of plain breakfast sausage. You can add wood to your charcoal fire if you want a heavy smoky flavor in the food. My wife really digs this. I tend to shy away from the smoky flavor on my breakfast foods. For fatties, I usually use charcoal with no wood chunks for fuel.

Bacon wrapped fatty on the smoker


Here's the beautiful finished fatty. Note the bacon in the background. As this was my first fatty I made a few mistakes and tried to finish cooking the bacon by putting the fatty on my gas grill over direct heat. All the fat dripping from the bacon and sausage created a blazing inferno on the grill and I had to pull the bacon off. Lesson learned is this. Bacon cooked on the smoker, will NOT have the same color and crispiness it does when cooked in a skillet. As long as the internal temperature of the fatty is over 160 degrees, then the bacon on the outside should be done as well.

Freshly cooked breakfast sausage fatty


There it is! This was soooooo good. Here's a shot of the first cut on this beautiful breakfast fatty.

Sausage Fatty showing egg and cheese inside

Some sliced final images of the sausage fatty. These slices are best reheated in a skillet after they get cold.

Breakfast fatty sliced up for morning bbq fiesta







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