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I won't put anything on this page that I haven't cooked and tasted myself!


BBQ Sauces

Apple-Bourbon BBQ Sauce - This bbq sauce took 3rd place in Chicken at King of County in Martinez, and 8th place chicken in the West Coast BBQ Championships. Works excellent on pork and beef as well


BBQ Rubs

Wild Willys Wonderful Rub - This comes from the Smoke and Spice cookbook (a bible for bbq'ers) and is a perfect starting point for creating fantastic rubs. It's great by itself, but add a few of your favorite spices and you've got a real winner.


Spicy Peach BBQ Ribs - The hint of peach flavor and smoky sweet honey-butter glaze make these ribs one of a kind!


Grill Recipes

Tequila-Lime Tacos - A great hot-weather dish!







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