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It pays to accessorize!

Bring you bbq to another level with the proper bbq accessories!.

Ask any lady and she will tell you, "Accessories make the outfit."


Well the same thing holds true with bbq. A good bbq pit is the right start, and with a little fire will turn out tasty treats, but with a few additions to your bbq toolbox, you can turn you good bbq into legendary bbq. Your friends and family will praise your bbq prowess.





Thermapen: I LOVE this thermometer. Let's get that out in the open. I don't really have any negatives to say, so let's get down to buisiness.


First off the Thermapen I own is actually branded for Sur La Table. It's still a thermapen, only with the Sur La Table name on it.


My Thermapen consists of a Temperature Probe and a Laser surface temperature reader. I didn't think I'd use the surface reader much, but within a few days, i found it useful for measuring frying oil and water temps when using in the kitchen.


But now, on to the Probe. The HUGE difference between Thermapen and most other "instant read" thermometers is the time it takes to get an accurate temperature. With every other instant read thermo I've purchased, it would take up to 15-20 seconds to get an accurate reading. When you are working in your bbq pit, you need to be as expedient as possible. Open lids mean lost heat. Which means fluctuations in temp, and longer times to get back to your magic temperature. My Thermapen gets to temp in about 3 seconds. That's awesome!


Why do you need an instant read thermometer? If you are like me you probably have a ton of bbq and smoker thermometers lying around. Every time I fire up the smoker, I jab a probe into the meat to give me a clear picture of what's going on with my cook. The problem here is some meats (ribs) are pretty thin. If the probe is left in the meat, it can easily pick up radiant heat from the smoker, giving you false readings. With an instant read, you just open the lid, when you think you are about done, stick the probe in and Voila!, you have an accurate read.


The other big use for me, is when doing large cuts of meat like pork shoulder and brisket. When the one probe I have buried in the deepest part of the cut reads what I want it it, there can still be areas of the cut that are not cooked. Moving the slow-reading probe to another area just takes time. After 12-14 hours of cooking, I like to move quick and get it done. I LOVE being able to just grab the Pen and jab it where I need it. I get lightning quick read and can get my bbq off the smoker at exactly the right moment.





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