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My BBQ Odyssey

My travels around the country and the bbq places I've enjoyed





Mr. Spriggs: It's been a long time since I visited Mr. Spriggs. When I was last there, they were a little old ramshackle walk-up joint, just off 29th and Air Depot in Midwest City. It seems now, they have moved into new digs and have one of the silliest, if not catchiest commercials I've ever seen!

From what I recall, I only had ribs at Mr. Spriggs and they were fine quality ribs. Cooked correctly with a nice "for the masses" style sauce.



Up in Smoke: This is a little place off of I-35 we passed by on the way back to Oklahoma from San Antonio. The sign on the building is what sold me. The food was pretty doggone good. I had sausage, brisket and a couple ribs. Brisket was a little dry, but the sauce and flavor made up for any shortcomings. My wife had the Chicken which was very dry.



Memphis Ribs:

A friend and myself walked in here hungry and ready to take on the world. I left feeling like a fat puppy that just spent too much time at the kibble dish!

The food was great, we had the whole shebang. Ribs, Pulled pork, brisket and sausage. (It's rare that I order chicken, anywhere we go. I make a pretty good chicken myself and I just find it hard to consider that real meat!)


Anyway, I enjoyed Memphis Ribs, but would recommend Lucilles (which is a chain I believe) if you are in the Las Vegas area looking for good BBQ.



Sweet Lucille's. When we came in here, I was expecting typical chain restaurant-style bbq. (See Texas Back Forty below for that explanation..). What I got was a plate full of goodness. As usual, I go for the 9 thousand dollar combo.. I gotta try everything.

Everything they served was spot on. Ribs, brisket, sausage and pulled pork. All with standard red bbq sauce. I rarely put sauce on the first bite of anything, as I want to get the full flavor of the meat, smoke, and whatever is being used for rub. Everything was great. Sauce was nothing to die for, but it didn't take away from the meat, and could just as easily be left off. I highly recommend Lucille's if you're in search of a Vegas BBQ fix.



Baby Blues

Baby Blues has two locations. One in Venice Beach, CA and the other just opened in San Francisco CA.

I first had Baby Blues in Venice Beach while working an event down there. The hostess told us to order the Beef Rib. (note i say Rib, not ribS), and we didn't listen. Instead we got the usual faire. Ribs, chopped brisket and pulled pork. Everything was awesome! I loved this place. The cool little Southern CA style place, the friendly folks and the incredible que. We liked it so much we went back again a couple days later and this time we DID try the beef rib.


Never have I had a "King Rib" so big and so flavorful. And yes, one rib is plenty. It's basically a smoked steak on a bone.. oh mann...

I give two greasy thumbs up for Venice Beach Baby Blues.


NOW, on to SF Baby Blues:

Hey, same folks (original owner's brother if I'm not mistaken), new digs, gotta be pretty good que right?

Well it was alright. That's about it. Way over priced, I think we paid around 50$ for lunch for 2 of us. Granted I tend to order a little of everything, but still overpriced. The folks were not as friendly, the ribs were dried out.

The beef rib was just as big and pretty good, but seemd to be lacking something.

While it wasn't bad bbq, if you are in the bay area and have time, I'd recommend going to Everett Jones in one of the Oakland locations for some authentic and delicious BBQ.



Texas Back Forty

What the hell. I mean really, what the hell. This place supposedly wins trophies, rib cookoffs in reno, you name it. Well, perhaps they sponsor a better team of cooks, because I've yet to leave here happy. I keep saying, "I'll give it another shot, because it's close." I keep kicking myself in the ass for doing so.

Brisket - Dry. Ribs - Overcooked and Dry. Chicken - Sawdust. Pulled Pork - OK.. simply because it's hard to screw up and easy to keep warm.

Texas Back Forty should be forced to remove Texas from their name, as what they serve is nothing like the glorious food to be had in the their Great State's namesake. Needless to say, after four or five chances, I give up.




Neely's Interstate Roadhouse



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